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We are a company where good ideas can turn into real proposals and projects based on quality, passion, expertise, trust and collaboration. We support an informal environment based on curiosity, respect, confrontation, growth, and audacity in looking at the future to help our clients.

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Industry, Projects

We apply to the world of industry the expertise gained in the area of motion, robotics, embedded boards, IoT, and all technologies relating to the Industry 4.0. The challenges that this new industry is facing include:

  • production process automation (motion, robotics, sensor intelligence)
  • Decentralised control for increased production flexibility (IoT, Cloud and apps)
  • Energy consumption control and optimisation
  • Industrial costs control and optimisation for single product
  • Control and optimisation of production plant maintenance costs (machine learning, predictive maintenance)

We also develop innovative systems and platforms that can be integrated into incumbent systems, based on more traditional technologies (OPC, Modbus, SNMP), which enables our clients to recoup their investments, whilst creating all the conditions required for a constant development of infrastructures.