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People at the centre: Kalpa’s Welfare strategies

We are convinced that the future of a company is also built on the well-being of those who work there, so Kalpa provides many Welfare services for its people


Since 2018 we have introduced a welfare system through the allocation of a 1,000€ annual credit for each person in Kalpa spendable within a platform that provides hundreds of goods and services related to leisure, sport, culture, training, expenditure on the family and the education of children, loans, financing and more.

This is an opportunity to respond to the needs not only of our people but also of their families. In fact, the spending opportunities available within the platform are also available to family members, not necessarily dependent, as spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, other.Some services can be purchased directly within the platform and made immediately available such as shopping vouchers for supermarkets, shops of various kinds, AmazonSpotify. Others, however, can be bought outside and then get a refund, such as when buying public transport subscriptions.


Our working days last an average of 8 hours and, compatibly with the commitments and deadlines, everyone has the freedom to recover during the month any hours of absences due to personal needs. This means that it is possible, for example, to work 7 hours a day and 9 hours another. The organization of the day is the responsibility of the individual.

Since the end of February 2020, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, we work in remote mode to preserve the health and serenity of our people. Working from home has always been an option, even before the health emergency occurred. We strongly believe in the importance of working side by side with colleagues, this allows us to live in an experiential way the positive working atmosphere that we breathe in our offices. The possibility of working is, however, an indispensable option, it helps to support people in reconciling work commitments with personal and family commitments.


Kalpa supports the well-being and health of people through the promotion of services for a healthy diet and sport.

The people of Kalpa have the possibility to buy agricultural products, with discounts and delivery on the farm or at home, thanks to the agreement that the company has entered into with Cortilia. Cortilia is a system that integrates a group of farms and has the mission of putting producers and consumers in direct contact. You can buy fresh and seasonal products, often organic, ranging from fruits and vegetables to meats, cheeses, pasta, bread, cakes, preserves, drinks, etc.

The Welfare platform that Kalpa offers along with the €1,000 credit offers numerous sports and wellness offersgyms, swimming pools, personal trainers, nutritionists, spas, adventure sports, on the track, on ice, rally, off-road vehicles, paragliding, and much more! And if everything already on the platform is not enough, it is available, always within the platform, the Bonus Sport 3.0 that gives the opportunity to the employee to agree on any further facilities such as, for example, their favorite gym.

What if the most comfortable option is to train during lunch or just after work without leaving the office? Inside the space of Coworking Co+Fabb where Kalpa is located, there is the gym affiliated FIT4WELLNESS!


Finally, to be close to people who are experiencing a happy event such as that of marriage or the birth of a small kalpico, We have set up the Wedding Bonus and the Baby Bonus thus recognizing a contribution of 200€ which is paid in the form of welfare by adding to the basic credit of 1000€.

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